There Is Nothing Better Than Coming Home From The Cricket To A Lamb Roast

I love my meat, I love my food in general, but I will tell you.

There is nothing better under god’s awesome sun than coming home from a day at the cricket and finding a nice lamb roast waiting for you in the oven.


OMG it was glorious.

I spent the day at Galloway Park watching my cousins Alex and Daniel play in their yearly cricket tournament for their club. Today Hamilton played Canterbury, and after Canterbury set what seemed like a modest total of 180, Hamilton didn’t make it easy for themselves, starting off very well but really falling away in the middle of the innings.

Before I go any further though, may I just say that those boundaries were MASSIVE, easily a bigger hit than many international cricket venues around the country from pitch to fence, yes even the likes of Eden Park or Seddon Park, so it’s no wonder the runs were hard to come by.

The game ended in a tie. Canterbury scored 180, Hamilton scored 180 in reply. But the coolest story of the day is yet to follow.


I have been very close to my cousins Dan and Alex for my whole life, they are pretty much brothers to me really, and it’s the love of cricket which is a huge part of our relationships with and amongst each other I think. So with the game slipping away this afternoon, it was just awesome to see both Daniel and Alex batting at the crease with each other at the same time, hitting the ball hard, and very nearly bringing the game home.

Daniel was pretty pissed when he got out trying to hit a six, but he has nothing to be mad about because he played a blinder.

Over the years we have had so many games in the backyard of pick up cricket together, been to so many Blackcaps matches, and talked so much about cricket. So it was great to be able to see them batting together in a tournament match today, and they both batted brilliantly.

Well done guys, see you Tuesday.



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