Heading back to Te Kuiti today and seeing my old pad was an awesome, reflective, and thought provoking experience. The house hasn’t changed all that much, although my old bedroom looks rather empty, the same feel of the Pulman family home remains, and it was a joy being back there for a few hours. Today was the first time I have been back to Te Kuiti since I moved out, so it’s been close to a couple of months.


What being home today did was reinforce to me those few core values that I hold dear.

Believing in yourself is important, clearly, but I think there is something that is potentially even more important.

I think of people like my Mum, or my best friend Brooke, who I consider to be a brother to me, and I love him more than life itself and I’d go in to bat for him every hour of the day if I had to. I get very emotional about things like this, it’s always been that way.

But back to the story, another thing that is important is something that if you truly like and care for somebody, doesn’t come all that difficult to hand.

That is believing in those close to you. The family, the friends, and believing in them and that they can truly climb even the highest and unlikeliest of mountains, against the most powerful opposition, no matter how close or far, how painful or how joyful, standing up for themselves and what they truly want from this thing called life. I think maybe I believe too much sometimes, perhaps that’s why I take things a little tougher than many when others get hurt and it’s out of my control, I just wish I was in a position to make everything for everybody better, and keep it that way for good, not just for the short term. It’s all a journey, it’s all a life, it’s all about taking a step, one little step at a time, sometimes you never quite know where you are going, but eventually you may find the direction you want to go in while searching.

Sometimes it’s not just about what we want, sometimes the focus should be on those other than yourself, and sometimes, no matter how much we disagree, sometimes things are so much clearer to see when you look outside of how things effect you.

I guess it’s about asking this question. What do YOU want from YOUR life? But also how can YOU help THE ONES YOU LOVE to have the best possible experience out of life?

Life is, in my opinion, something that is so important and full of exploration on nearly a daily basis and you know what, I always knew that, but didn’t realize until I actually stepped out and took a risk myself, something I would dearly like to see others do.